Please Give John Shumway a Raise

There are a few people in Pittsburgh media who are more than just a reporter or anchor. They have been with their station forever and will never die, retire or leave. John Shumway is one of those people.

This dude has GRINDED for KDKA for years. Both on TV and the radio. He covers everything, from tragedies to traffic jams. And he also isn’t afraid to go outside the box to move the needle.


Now some of you might wonder, why is John doing this? How could this man eating a bug on tv be information that the general public needs. My response to those people would be this….

Shut the hell up or go to Cleveland.

This guy is a legend. He ate that fucking thing with zero hesitation. He probably wasn’t asked. He probably was told excplictly that he didn’t have to. But he did and he would again.

Pittsburgh doesn’t deserve John Shumway. This man should be paid and appreciated much more.

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