Josh Bell Continues to Hit the Piss out of Baseballs, Pirates Continue to Win.

This Bucco team is really something. I am not sure what they are but I think I enjoy them… or at least I do right now. Every time I think they’re cold they get red hot and every time I think they cannot be stopped they just flat out die. But like I said, as of late they have been pretty damn good.

After losing eight straight the Pirates have gone on to win eight of their last 11 games. While the few losses have been tough to watch, overall this team is showing a consistent knack for winning tight contests. They also have shown their ability to battle back from behind. Both of those are key elements for a club that doesn’t have a ton of star power.

Speaking of star power, the biggest star this season for the Pirates has been Josh Bell. Hands down. This dude just continues to smack the shit out of the ball. He is currently on a 12 game hitting streak and is just two homers away from tying his season total from a year ago.

More importantly, his dangerous bat in the cleanup spot is creating opportunities for other hitters like Polanco, Reynolds and Marte that are near him in the order. Bottom line is the dude is legit making the entire team a lot better.

The best part about Bell this year, as I mentioned earlier, has been his power. He has hit two homers +450 feet this season and is fourth in the NL in RBI (34) and OPS (1.048). Dude can rake, which is what he did on Sunday, going 4-4 with yet another dinger.

I really hope this can last. I’m sure Bell wont be hitting .319 all season but if the power keeps up, I really think the rest of the Pirates lineup can come together. There have been injuries and some major disappointments but this club is still hanging around when they need to be. That is due to Bell. Keep swinging that big stick, JB.

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