The Pirates Should Seriously Consider Putting Bob Walk in the Starting Rotation

With Taillon and Archer and Mitch Keller not ready for the big leagues the Pirates are really desperate for some starting pitching. Tonight the club is trotting out Steven Brault, who hasn’t made a major league start since April, 2018. Tomorrow it gets no better with Nick Kingham, a guy that throws some solid batting practice but not much else.

However, I think I found the answer. Sometimes in order to go forward you have to go back.

Bob Mother Fuckin’ walk baby! Look at this dude throw. Check out his follow through! The ball actually has some zip on it too. I am not a GM but I think this guy can at the very least be better than Brault or Kingham.

Walk knows what it takes to get to the post season and is old school so he doesn’t need a pitch count. He hates the DH so he will have no problem hitting either.

Honestly, as much as the Pirates love to honor the past, trotting Walk out there couldn’t hurt. Well he could probably get hurt but I legit think he’d consider it if they asked him to start tomorrow afternoon.

If that works the Bucs need to go full 1990’s. They can put turf down at PNC Park, have their second hitter bunt every at bat like Jay Bell and even have Clint start ripping cigs like Jim Leland did. Might be just what the club needs!

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