Racist Chad Jones Fuels Back to back Pirates Come From Behind Victories.

Boy what a difference one week can make in this game, right? Hell what a difference 48 hours can make. Not too long ago (my last blog) we were saying the season was over. Taillon was on the IL and this team was dead.

But then….

Our good pal Chad went in opened his mouth. You see, the sad thing about this world is people like this still exist. They are ignorant and really provide no good use to our society. While I like to have faith that all humans can change and become more tolerant, it is people like Chad that really test my belief.

But in a moment of beautiful irony, on CINCO DE MAYO, Starling Marte, a latin ball player and one of Chad’s worst nightmares, came to the plate in the bottom of the 13th inning with both the game tying and winning runs on base.

Marte lo gana para los piratas!

Marte lo gana para los piratas!

Marte lo gana para los piratas!

I know it wasn’t Polanco but dear god was this some sweet poetic justice. Chad deleted his twitter account and the Pirates are above .500 once again. Happy Cinco De Mayo to everyone! (Except for Chad)

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