The Pirates Are Cursed by Satan and It Just Isn’t Fair

It has already been a tough year for the Pirates. The weather has sucked, the fielding has sucked and most of all, their health has sucked. Entering the season the Bucs already were going to be without one of their top free agent signings (If you want to call Lonnie Chisenhall that), their top hitter from last season (Gregory Polanco), and a reliable bat behind the plate (Elias Diaz).

In the first month of play, the Pirates added two gold glove winning outfielders (Corey Dickerson and Starling Marte), their starting short stop (Erik Gonzalez) and one key members of the rotation (Chris Archer) to the IL.

Shit was ugly but they were still hanging in there. That was until today….

Earlier today the team announced that Ace Jameson Taillon will head to the 10 day with elbow discomfort or some bullshit. While at first, a trip on the 10 day IL doesn’t sound like much, reports surfaced later today that told us, things are indeed not great.

Yep… Not great.

I mean come on. The dude already had Tommy John and beat cancer. Last season he began to establish himself as one of the better pitchers in the game. This was going to be the year he took that next step. Until….. this.

Baseball is a cruel game. I’ve never met Jamo but he is an awesome guy. Someone who is easy to root for. I really hope this is an easy fix. Maybe a month of down time is all he needs. If not, the team is fucked. They probably are either way. But if this dude needs another major surgery, forget this season and forget next year as well.

It makes you wonder if the Pirates really know how to do anything right. They ruined Kingham in the minors, misused Glasnow and now are destroying Jamo. Not to mention the success guys like Gerrit Cole and Charlie Morton have had since they left. Maybe this injury will open some eyes. Hopefully, that can be a silver lining if everything else goes to shit, like I am sure it will.

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