Steelers Day 2 Draft Review

With no pick in the second round I was very curious as to what the Steelers approach would be in day two. Would they stay put, try to move up or move back and get more picks in day three?

Pick 66: Diontae Johnson

Unlike day one, the Steelers didn’t get fancy last night. They held on to their third round picks and waited their turn to be on the clock.

After addressing the biggest news on defense with the first pick, Kevin, Mike and company turned their focus to the other side of the ball for pick 66, taking wide receiver, Diontae Johnson out of Toledo.

I’m not going to pretend like I knew who this dude was before last night. I’m sure… in fact I know that I have gambled on a few games that he’s played in but he was never on my radar.

I was hoping they’d take the short fast dude from UMass or one of the receivers from Ohio State but when it comes to this position, I trust the Steelers judgement. Apparently this dude has some serious speed which is never a bad thing.

Him and Moncrief will hopefully be a pair of guys that can match ABs production. They’re both dudes who can clear out the field for Juju over the middle and allow Benny to chuck it deep a few times. So overall, I’m happy with the pick. The Steelers now have six pass catchers who can have a legit impact on a game. That’s never a bad thing.

Pick 83: Justin Layne

To my untrained eye, this was a steal. Corners were flying off the shelf in the second round. They were all vanishing faster than the Avengers when Thanos snapped his finger.

I was seriously worried that we were going to have another year where the front office didn’t nothing to improve the secondary. After watching all the known names go to other teams I figured there was nothing they could’ve done.

Then, out of nowhere they found this gem. Everyone is labeling this as one of the best value picks of the draft. Layne is a 6’3 former receiver who will hopefully answer a lot of problems that we have seen in the Black and Gold secondary over the last few years. If the Steelers are going to play more of a 3-3-5 this season, I wouldn’t be shocked to see this kid a TON in 2019-2020.

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