Baseball Gods Clap Back, Pirates Get Swept.

So this week of baseball on the North Shore has been, well, not great. After bragging all weekend about how the Buccos owned the top record in the National League reality came around and dick slapped me and my favorite baseball team in the face this week, as they have now lost their fifth straight game.

It is early and they have a lot of injuries. I am not worried overall. I still think this team is above average and at full health, with good pitching, they can be good. However, earlier this season we were wondering what would happen when the starting pitching had an off day. Well, this week we received our answer.

I’d like to think this Arizona team is better than people expected. They have some decent pitching and hit the absolute piss out of the baseball. There is a chance that like our starting pitching, their lineup will cool off. But that sure as shit didn’t happen this week.

The Diamondbacks crushed the baseball in three of the four games this home stand. Putting up double digits in runs twice and having a ton of extra base hits in all four games. Even their starting pitcher, Zach Greinke, a known pitcher who can rake, hit the ball well, smacking a triple in today’s loss.

As I said before, this sweep sucked but it isn’t the end of the world. It is a long season and the squad isn’t at full health. However, they cannot keep getting pushed around by any team they play who has an ounce of talent. They were able to keep things close against the Cubs and took two of three from the Nationals.

This next series in LA will be the first time this team plays a legit contender. I am excited to see how the pitching looks against a guy like Bellinger who is raking. After LA we start inter-league play, something the Pirates have done very well in over the past few years.

Hopefully we see them gets some W’s by the end of the week. The standings don’t mean shit in baseball until the all star break. Before that it is about finding your stride, staying healthy and hanging around. At least that should be the goal for this team. They have the roster to do it. Hurdle normally has his team in somewhat of a relevant position until August. That is a far ways away. Until then, we just have to take things one series at a time.

Let’s rebound out west, lets get back on track and lets go bucs!

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