Nick Burdi Suffers Heart Breaking Injury

This is the type of shit that absolutely sucks about sports. Here you have a guy who seems to have done everything the right way. He was a stud in college, a big time prospect and has never had a bad word written about him. Then in 2017 he injures his arm and requires Tommy John surgery, something that is more common than ever, but an incredibly tough task for a big league pitcher.

Then he battles back. Fights to make the big league club in the tail end of 2018 and earns a spot on the opening day roster in 2019. He works his ass off and becomes a reliable member of a bullpen that is off to a disappointing start.

In a game that the Pirates were leading 4-1 in the seventh inning, it is crazy that Burdi was even on the mound in the first place. Shit got out of hand quickly when Kyle Crick came into the game to relived Joe Musgrove. Hurdle turned to Burdi to put out the fire on a game that was all but over.

Then, on a 1-0 pitch in the top of the 8th inning, it happened. Burdi threw a 97 mph fast ball high and outside and something snapped. There is no official word as to what is wrong with Burdi but by the look on how he reacted, it isn’t good.

To see a guy get hurt after busting his ass to recover from a similar injury not too long ago is just devastating. Forget about the impact the Pirates as a team will suffer now that Burdi will likely be out for the season. This dude might never pitch in baseball again. If he does, he for damn sure will not have the same zip on his pitches that he once did.

I am no doctor but I can say with confidence that two Tommy John surgeries in a span of three years is simply no good for an arm. Especially an arm that intends on throwing a baseball for a living. It is a true shame what happened to Burdi tonight. He had a very exciting year and career in the majors ahead of him.

Instead, he was dealt a cruel hand. I really hope that I am wrong and this injury is nothing. Maybe it looked worse than what it was or maybe he defies the odds and makes a complete comeback from Tommy John for a second time. It won’t be easy but I will be rooting for him.

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