My Thoughts on the Steelers Schedule

After a few leaks, of which some were true and others were not, last night the NFL released the 2019-2020 regular season schedules. While there is a ton going on in the sports world, last night we were all reminded that the NFL is king.

NBA/ NHL playoffs, regular season baseball and everything else was pushed to the side to see what challenges are ahead for the upcoming football season. With that being said, let’s take a peek at the Steelers schedule.

Tough First Half

So the first thing that stands out to me is obviously the tough start. Not only do we have to play against the Pats in week one but we also have to watch them celebrate their sixth Super Bowl, which is essentially a big fuck you from the NFL to the Steelers. What did we do to deserve this? Who knows.

I get that the NFL cares about ratings. Pats vs Steelers is a game everyone will always want to watch as long as 7 and 12 are still playing. The Pats haven’t been their best in past season openers so I’d like to think the Steelers steal a win here. However, the new offense will have a tough test early on against one of the best defensive minds the game has seen.

The rest of the first half doesn’t get much easier. The first home game of the year is against Seattle and there are two road trips out west. One nice thing about the first half of the schedule is the fact that it includes a lot of home games. That should really help the Steelers get settled in.

Lots of Prime Time Games

No shocker here. The Steelers put asses in the seats and eyeballs on screens. It’s kinda strange to see both MNF games against really shitty opponents (The Bengals and Dolphins) but that’s fine. I’d rather have the exciting home games against teams like Baltimore, Cleveland or the Rams on a Sunday anyway.

The Steelers have two SNF games against the Pats and Chargers. After last years embarrassing loss to LA at home I’d like to imagine they get revenge against them this season.

The last time they played the Chargers in Cali on SNF was a classic. The Mike Vick led Steelers won the game on a walkoff TD from that fat, shitty rapper. Remember those days?

Finally, the Steelers will play their TNF game in Cleveland against the Browns. Considering that no one in that city of poverty has a job I’m assuming the mistake on the lake will be rocking. Should be a fun night to destroy their hopes and dreams if you ask me.

Very Easy Second Half

After playing the Rams at home in Week 9 the Steelers really don’t have much to worry about as far as competition. They play the Browns twice and have one more matchup against Baltimore but overall this should be a cake walk.

I am honestly more worried about where the games are being played than whom they’re up against. Lots of road games worry me a bit. Especially against shitty teams. Tomlin has a HORRIBLE reputation to not have the guys ready when they’re playing an inferior opponent and the back end of the schedule is loaded with trap games.

Asides from the divisional matchups I think the most interesting game has to be Week 16 against the Jets when they meet up against Leveon. I’d imagine the Steelers will already be in a pretty good situation by then and that could be a game they’d clinch a spot for the playoffs. How sweet would it be for them to do that against Lev and the Jets who will undoubtedly have no more than 5 wins?

Final Thoughts

Overall, I like this year’s schedule a lot more than the one we had last season. Starting off against the Pats and two trips out West isn’t what many would choose to do but overall, I like the home games early on and I like the weak competition down the stretch while we gear up for the playoffs.

I really can’t see this team missing the playoffs in 2019/2020. Sure they lost a few stars and there will be a ton of pressure on some key guys but overall the Steelers are still a solid group.

At worst they go 4-4 in their first eight games and then end the year on a tear, going like 6-2, 7-1 on the back end.

With that said, I think 11-5 is a fair prediction for this team. They’ll start a bit slow but gain momentum after beating Cincy and Baltimore in back to back weeks. 11-5 should be good enough to win them the division. If not, it will for sure get them back to the playoffs.

Vegas has the Steelers Over/Under win total at 9 games which honestly might be the lock of the century. I know last year didn’t go as planned but no way they shit the bed two years in a row.


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