I’ve had enough of the Tampa Bay Rays Cyber Bullying.

I’d like to think I have thick skin. When you grow up in a gritty area like Western PA you have to. However, as time goes on, new avenues are created where one is simply not safe from ridicule or harassment.

As someone who grew up in the pre-social media era, I never had to worry about getting roasted online. We just bullied kids the old fashioned way by beating their ass in front of the entire school. There is zero chance people my age would’ve went before the entire world to humiliate someone like you see today on twitter. We aren’t savages.

Unfortunately, some people are. There are some sick individuals in this world who have a large following on social media and while they could use it for good, they instead choose to bring others down online.

That is what is what the Tampa Bay Rays are currently doing to me, along with any other Pirates fans.

I mean come on. Enough is enough. We get it. Is there really a need to kick us when we are down?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Chris Archer. The dude has been excellent so far. I also don’t regret how we acquired him. It sucked seeing Meadows and Glasnow leave but they didn’t have a spot here. The team wanted to make it look like there was a small urgency to win now so they pulled the trigger on a guy who they thought would make the club better.

Again….. I don’t regret it. However, I also don’t need to be reminded of what we are missing out on. This team held onto its prospect for years. Even in seasons when trading them would’ve made a lot more sense. All because we were told that they’d be stars.

As soon as we ship them off, look what is happening. I mean dear god, its brutal. While we are praying for the Pirates to scrape together two runs so they can squeak out a close win, Austin Meadows is hitting BOMBS every fucking game for the Rays.

The success of Glasnow and Morton is even more frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, there is to complaining about when it comes to the Bucco’s starting rotation. Yet, seeing them both thrive makes you wonder, what the hell are we doing wrong?

Cole, Morton and now Glasnow have all seemed to become significantly better after leaving town. Maybe we were holding them back. If so, is that also the case for the staff we have now? Could this group be even better if they were pitching for another team?

It just sucks to see Meadows and Glasnow join the long list of former Pirates who went on to accomplish bigger and better things elsewhere. Guys like Cole, Morton, Jose Bautista, Aramis Ramirez, Brock Holt, Steve Pearce and many, many more.

Unlike, most of the names I just listed at least the return for Meadows and Glasnow was a good player. Hell, he is probably still the best overall player involved with that deal for now.

Plus we had to make the trade. Those two guys had no future here…. right?

Yet, if Meadows and Glasnow help Tampa reach the playoffs this year while the Bucs miss out on October once again, is it fair to already say that we lost the deal? Those two look to have long careers ahead of them. They both look like absolute studs and aren’t going to be free agents for awhile.

Meanwhile, our guy is already 30. He has pitched a ton of innings. How many years does he have left? Maybe two or three? Will the Pirates really be able to win the division or make a playoff run in that time period? If not, its a damn shame. Just two more guys who escaped this shitty organization. Could they have helped us? Or would we have ruined them? We will never know.

All we have left to do is watch Archer pitch, which I guess could be worse. He is good and the Pirates seem half decent. I am happy with having him on my team. However, after a breakup, I’d prefer not to see pictures of my ex all over social media. Especially if she is looking 10x better than when she and I were together. This is what is happening now with Meadows and Glasnow and it really, really sucks.

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