The City of Pittsburgh politely reminds local business that they don’t own our area code (Even if they technically do own it).

People from Pittsburgh love their city. That is simply a fact. I have been to many places in the world where people are embarrassed of their hometown. They make jokes about how it sucks or how it isn’t a fun place to live. That stuff just doesn’t happen very often here.

People from Pittsburgh love to show where they’re from by rocking anything that resembles their home town pride. From wearing a Penguins Stanley Cup champs shirt on vacation to waiving a terrible towel as they exit the church on their wedding day, I have seen it all. Regardless of where they are in the world, you cannot take Pittsburgh pride away from Yinzers.

A local business just found that out this weekend.

For years the 412 shop has been a very popular place where yinzers could go to get some pretty sweet gear. Their main logo, which is the cities area code (412) has been parlayed into an iconic t shirt that can be seen anywhere from the South Hills all the way to the North Side.

However, this weekend, the once popular local clothing over stepped just a tad bit.

Last Sunday, the University of Pittsburgh revealed their new uniforms. For an athletic program that really hasn’t done shit in the past decade this was a very big deal. Pitt has always tried to win back the city with nostalgia and this was a smash hit. I mean look at these beauties!

However, not long after the announcement took place, it was revealed that part of this uniform was a bit problematic for some. What could possibly be wrong with these perfect looking uniforms you might ask? The answer can be found in the three numbers displayed on the top left of this Pitt player’s face mask.

That’s right, Shop 412, a place that claims to be built off of Pittsburgh pride, had a problem with the local college displaying the cities area code on its new uniforms. All because they claimed to “own it’.

We found all of this out thanks to Pitt safety, Damar Hamlin keeping things real on twitter.

Yep, on April 12, aka 412 today, the city found out that we no longer own the area code. That is tough. What is even worse is how this stupid business responded to Damar’s tweet.

Easy everyone! We know it looks bad that we aren’t letting the cities college athletes wear the Pittsburgh area code on their sick new uniforms. Don’t worry though, as soon as the school gives us money, we will let them put it back on the helmets.

What a stupid hill to die on. Aside from Cleveland, Philly, the NBA, PENN DOT, bike lanes, healthy food and Bob Nutting, there is nothing this city hates more than fake people.

Say what you want about yinzers, they’re real. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and don’t fuck with phonies or sellouts. Shop 412 just showed everyone that their true colors was green, rather than Black and Gold.

As a result, twitter went bonkers. This place got roasted.

Pitt AD, Heather Lyke was a part of the mob.

And it became a legit news story.

Some people say there is no such thing as bad publicity. Normally I would agree, unless the publicity you’re receiving exposes you to be a fraud to your main demographic.

For the first time in years, it seems as though Pitt athletics has pulled off a notable victory. I am not sure how this situation will end. I really hope that Shop 412 just backs down, for their sake it is the best move they could make.

Not since the days of Larry Fitzgerald, LeSean McCoy and Deon Lewis have people paid this much attention to Pitt football. They are already 1-0 in the new uniforms. Congrats to them and congrats to the city.

We don’t give a damn what they lawyers say, the number combo of 412 will always belong to the city and no one else.

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