Pens are down 3-0 reaction blog

After pounding a few (14) IC Lights, I am now ready to give you more than a paragraph blog on the Pens loss. I really had high hopes for today. I thought for sure they’d win this one. When they scored first, on a goal from the fourth line no less, I thought the momentum would allow them to ride this one out and make it a series again.

But I was wrong. Their lead lasted for less than a few minutes and the Islanders soon took control of the game after. I would have never guessed that the Pens would go down 3-0 to this team. What is even more shocking is the way they’ve lost all three games.

They are simply not the better team on the ice. On paper, sure. At the award ceremonies, no doubt. But on the ice, where it counts the most, the Penguins have been dead from the jump.

I guess you can’t make a deep run every year. I also guess we should have seen this coming. This year’s regular season was nothing to be proud of by our standards. However, you just figured that they’d kick it into the next gear come playoff time. Well, that shit just didn’t happen.

So unless they can pull off a miracle, the Pens are dead. Tough year and a tough way to end it. Makes you wonder if there are big changes on the horizon (Phil). However, I honestly don’t want to think about any of that now. I just want to lay down and cry.

Sometimes that is the best option. If you feel like joining me, here are some songs that I recommend to help us get through this shitty day.

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