Yinzer Tommy’s Weekend Recap

Your boy Tommy had a very busy weekend and was not able to blog the crazy live events that took place within the world of Pittsburgh sports this weekend. So now that I am free, here is a recap of everything that happened.

On the Ice

The Penguins had one of the most enjoyable overtime losses in franchise history on Saturday night. Matt Murray looked to be back on his bullshit, letting up two goals with less than 10 minutes left in the third period but then, when they needed it the most the top two players for the Pens this year came through.

Sid gets to 100, Jake gets to 40 and the Pens get a first round bye the Islanders in the playoffs. All is well in the hockey world.

It is not that I am scared for the Pens to play Washington either. I am confident that if they play their A game, there is no one in the NHL that can beat this team. Even Tampa. However, the longer we can put off facing Tom Wilson, which is pretty much a guaranteed blood bath and injury to one of our top six forwards, I will take it.

On the Diamond

The Pirates made up for their poor showing on dollar dog night but shoving their bare wieners right down the Reds throats this weekend. It was the first four game sweep at home against the Reds since 1969 (Nice).

Josh Bell silenced all the anonymous scouts by hitting dinger after dinger, including this one which was the fourth longest in the 18 year history of PNC Park.

Along with winning at baseball, the Pirates also won the fight. On Wrestlemania Sunday, Yasiel Puig decided to try and fight the entire team. Well, this Bucco Squad was having absolutley none of that.

The Pirates are now 5-3 and will head to Chicago to take on a Cubs team that is currently very bad at the sport of baseball. It is hard not to like this ball club. The owner might be a prick and the GM can be a douche at times but overall, the team gives it their all every night. They have some fight in them and we saw that on Sunday.

On NFL Twitter

This dick head is still running his mouth….

I mean at this point it is just sad. For him to come after Ben or the front office is one thing, but attacking Juju simply out of jealousy is just a horrible look for AB (almost as bad as a blonde mustache.)

Of course, Juju, the younger and less experienced player handled things in a much more mature manor.

Well said by Pittsburgh’s favorite receiver. Fuck AB. The funny thing about all of this is, while he might be better than Juju is now, if they met on the street Juju would destroy him in a fight. Juju also might destroy him on the field too, now that AB is about to have a 5’8 center fielder for the Oakland A’s throwing him passes for the rest of his prime.

On Campus

Pitt made the right decision to bring back the old school uniforms and make them the full time look. Now, they just need to find good athletes to compete in them……

Well that is my weekend recap. More blogs to come this week. Sorry for the delay in content. Hope yinz enjoyed!

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