Kevin Newman’s Second Inning Against the Cubs was the Most Impressive Thing I have ever seen.

There is nothing better than afternoon sports. Whether if it is the first two days of March Madness, a 1 pm Sunday kickoff or in this case the Chicago Cubs home opener, it doesn’t get any better than spending your afternoon by the TV or radio wrapping the work day up with a game.

I was very excited for the Pirates game this afternoon. They have won four in a row and are taking on a Cubs team that is playing like complete dog shit. I was hoping to sit down and watch a Pirates victory.

Well, it is only the third inning as I write this blog and I can tell you now, that shit ain’t happening. And it is all because of this asshole.

Tied at zero with two outs in the bottom of the second inning, the Bucs were an easy ground ball away from heading into a scoreless third. However, it was right then when Kevin Newman put forth perhaps the worst display of baseball that my eyes have ever seen.

The MLB FUCKING SUCKS so I cannot attach any videos of Newman’s shitty play but basically this is what happened. He commits an error with two outs to keep the inning alive. The Cubs score a few runs. Jameson Taillon takes (another) line drive off the head. Javy Baez hits a miracle single on a ball that Newman probably could’ve fielded. Then Newman commits two more errors on the same play, helping the Cubs score a few more runs.

At the end of the second inning, it was 6-0 Cubs. All six runs came from Newman’s three errors. Jamo is done for the day. Two IP, 6 Runs, 0 ER. Unreal.

The infield was the team’s biggest concern entering the season. Short stop was a clear area of need. The team did nothing aside from trading for a backup from Cleveland.

Bucs short stops have committed at least five errors this year. That should be enough for half of a major league season. We have only played nine games……

I don’t blame Newman. He can’t help that he sucks. I blame the front office for drafting him. I blame the minor league system for not making him a better player. I blame Huntington and Nutting for not getting us a better option and I blame Hurdle for playing him.

This dude is clearly not MLB ready. He really didn’t accomplish much in the minors. He was a first round pick. That is his biggest achievement. Well at least it was. Now, his legacy will be what happened today.

The man who had the worst defensive inning in Pittsburgh Pirates history. It’s too damn bad we don’t play the Reds more often.

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