I will not stand by and let Bob Nutting ruin the Pirate Parrot’s Reputation

As you all know, I am a man of the people. I have no agenda. I have no angle. This website is simply to give Yinzers the straight, black and gold truth.

And as the kids say, this ain’t it chief.

I am not here to come after the Pirates social media or PR team. I legitimately feel bad for them. Their job is to clean up the horrible mess that the worst owner in sports seems to make every chance he gets.

However, don’t you dare bring the Pirate parrot into this. Since getting clean in the 1980’s, he has been a model citizen. While many fans have come and gone, he has always been there to wave the Jolly Roger behind home plate after the club wins their 15-25 home games a season.

Parrot is a big man and a true team player. I am sure he was willing to take this bullet. However, I will not allow him to. No sir, not my mascot. This was not his doing. Besides, even if this footage is accurate. he has nowhere near enough buns for that to have made a significant difference in what happened on Wednesday.

Nutting sucks. The fans suffer, the players suffer and now the mascot is suffering too. If Steely McBeam was the one under the gun, I would probably let it slide. Actually, I wouldn’t be shocked if he had something to do with AB going bat shit crazy. But not Pirate Parrot. Keep him the hell out of this.

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