Congrats to the Orlando Apollos: Your 2019 AAF Champs

DISCLAIMER: This will probably be my final AAF blog.

Less than a week after the AAF passed away, its biggest star and personality is still basking in the eight weeks of glory that this failure of a league gave him.

This is incredible. The league folded. Thousands of people are out of work and really have no idea what they will do. And then, you have that Old Ball coach, adding yet another trophy to his resume.

I can’t say I respect this move but I find it absolutely hilarious. It reminds me of how Michael Scott claimed victory in the company basketball game after he conveniently ended things after he took an elbow to the face.

Of all the people who needed this league, I would probably put Steve Spurrier at the very bottom. This was a chance for him to whip out the visor and relive some of the glory days. Sure enough, he was able to come out on top. And on his terms too.

He doesn’t give a damn about the league or the players. HE won. So congrats coach. You are now the second football team in Orlando to claim a meaningless football championship.

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