I Would Like to Personally Volunteer to be a Relief Pitcher for the Pirates

This sucks. I mean, none of us had high hopes for the Pirates this year. But still, we are only four games in and they’ve already let us down. First opening day, then then home opener and now this.

The worst part is, if you watched this team play through the first six innings, you’d think they were decent. They’ve shown some skill at the plate and the starting pitching as been incredible.

However, after the seventh inning stretch this team shits down it’s leg. It’s incredible. They seem to find a way to fuck up any way possible.

Yesterday we were all pissed about the infield defense. Yet tonight that wasn’t the problem. Tonight, along with both other losses, the bullpen SUCKED.

Kela, Vazquez, Burdi, Brault, Kingham and especially Rodriguez have all seemed to find a way to screw up already. WE ARE ONLY FOUR GAMES IN.

It’s almost unreal how unreliable things are with this team right now. We knew the infield would suck but damnit, the bullpen was supposed to be a strength.

That is why I’m volunteering to be a relief pitcher for the Pirates. I might not be an upgrade but I can’t do much worse than this group has so far. It’s early… I get it. The bullpen sucked early last year and they fixed it pretty easily.

Yet, I still don’t trust that it can happen this year. I don’t know, this just sucks. One week in and I’m already pissed. Hopefully Jordan Lyles can turn things around tomorrow HAHAHA.

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