BREAKING: Bob Nutting Too Cheap For Dollar Dog Night

Last night the Pirates ruined a perfect start from ace Jameson Taillon, blowing a 3-1 lead in the eighth inning, as they fell 5-4 to the Cardinals in 10 innings for their third loss of the season.

While the final three innings of play were tough to watch, they don’t come close to the the most embarrassing event that took place at the ball park on Wednesday night.

Look, I liked the idea of Buc night. When you have a team that sucks, playing on a Wednesday night, early in the season, you have to do whatever it takes to get people in the stands.

Originally, this looked to be a good idea. For the second home game of the year, the crowed seemed to be a decent size. Especially when you compare it to the April crowds from last year.

However, if you are going to have promotion for $1 hotdogs, you should probably….. you know….. make sure you have enough buns for everyone.

I mean this is comically bad. It is one thing to be cheap when it comes to player payroll but to not have enough buns on dollar dog night…. IN THE SECOND HOME GAME OF THE SEASON, it just a whole other level of bargain Bob’s bullshit.

The Pirates are no stranger to bad PR on twitter but this is an all time low. I mean what is next? I mean seriously, how can you get any cheaper than fucking up DOLLAR HOTDOG NIGHT?

Just classic Pirates. Classic Nutting. I have no idea how you can get lower than this but I am sure they will. With this owner, anything is possible (aside from winning). The Pirates are owned by the real life Jackie Moon. He just doesn’t play for the team…. yet.

Nutting last night ^^^^^

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