Why I am joining the Athletic

Now that the media madness bracket has come to an end, I feel that it is time to move onto something bigger and better. During the bracket’s run, I gained a ton of viewers to this website and followers on twitter.

Two of them, believe it or not, had blue check marks next to their names. They were none other than Josh Yohe and Rob Biertempfel of the athletic. Josh and Rob (I can call them by their first names because we are buddies now) are clearly trying to recruit me for their website, which probably gets a few more page views than this one does. If that is the case, I would like for this blog to serve as me saying, I am 100% in.

The only problem about me joining the athletic would be where I would fit in. Pittsburgh has three sports teams and they are all covered very well by the writers at the athletic. What is there for me to do? Would I cover Pitt? The Riverhounds? WPIAL football?

I am a team player but I don’t think that would be the best fit for me. However, I do believe I have a spot that would make for an easy transition. I would be the Athletic’s media correspondent.

I am a plugged in man. I might not be the first one to tell you when the Penguins make a trade or who the Steelers are looking to draft but what I can do is give you updates on all the drama in the world of Pittsburgh media.

If two radio hosts go at it on twitter, I will be there for it. If DK decides to fire someone mid-season, I will be there for it. If Richie Walsh’s hair has even 1% of a bad day (highly unlikely) then you bet your black and gold ass i’ll be there with the scoop.

I have no idea what the athletic pays and I am not sure who my boss would be. I also have zero professional journalism experience. However, from the looks of it on twitter, it seems as if they are always hiring. If that is the case then count me in. I am joining the athletic.

Since I am sure there will be some paper work before I get started, I guess I will keep this blog going until it is official. So until I tell yinz different, keep coming to this website to see my hot takes.

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