Pittsburgh Media Madness: The Finals

And then there were two. 10 days ago, some random, yinzer blogger created a stupid twitter poll bracket to see who Pittsburgh’s top sports media member was. Hundreds of followers, page views and thousands of votes later, we have our championship match up.

The Super Genius: Mark Madden


Penguins Play by Play legend, Mike Lange

When I made the bracket, I was pretty confident that these two would go all the way. While there were many who campaigned and rallied, both were able to reach the championship without even liking one of these tweets. They got here from reputation and legacy. THAT is the entire point of this bracket.

I grew up listening to Madden. I remember my mom being furious with my dad when she found out that he was letting his five year old son listen to some of the shit he would say during his ESPN days.

I also grew up listing to Lange. After a fun night on the south side, some people go home and have drunk sex. Some people go home and eat pizza. Not me…. I go home and watch Mike Lange highlight calls. Not because I can’t do the other options. I have TONS of pizza at my house. Lange is just that enjoyable.

Disclaimer: I did not try to make this sound like I wack it to Mike Lange calls. Although I am sure there are people out there who do (Penguins Jesus)

Anyway, this match up is almost poetic. Like myself and thousands if not millions of other young hockey fans, Mark Madden also grew up listening to and admiring Mike Lange. Lange is someone MM clearly admires and would probably vote to win, if he gave a shit about this stuff, which I am confident he doesn’t.

However, this is a major conflict for the main driving force of the bracket: Penguins twitter. Pens twitter is pretty much a heard of sheep that is led by Madden. What he says is what they believe. He will straight up say how much he hates the city and all of its fans and they will always come back for more. He is their master.

But how will they vote knowing that the god of their god is the opponent? This poll will really put Penguins twitter to test. Will they blindly follow their leader and do something he probably wouldn’t even want them to? Or do they recognize that without Mike Lange, there might never have been a Mark Madden?

It will be fun to see. Since this is the championship, the polls are going to be open all weekend. The final results will be revealed at 6 PM, Sunday evening.

Vote, retweet and tell your friends to do the same. This has been a wild ride and I hope we can finish strong.

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