Pittsburgh Media Madness: The Final Four Preview

After one week of chaos, four men remain standing. Three one seeds and a beloved underdog. Two will advance, two will go home. Lets take a look at both matchups.

Mark Madden vs. Dan Potash

I don’t know if there could be a bigger difference in personality between these two. One is the lovable goofball and the other is the arrogant know it all. Both are damn good at what they do and both have a very loyal fanbase.

I would have to imagine that Madden wins this one with ease. Both reached the final four thanks to the backing of the all powerful, Penguins twitter. While Pens twitter along with Pittsburgh twitter loves Potash, they all bow down to the super genius. What he says goes. He hasn’t campaigned for this tournament yet and to be honest, he doesn’t need to. He knows it is happening and he knows he will win. Once he does, he will use it as another thing to brag about, which will make his fans love him more and his haters even more pissed off.

That is why Madden is such an unstoppable force (not a weight joke I promise). He owns real estate in everyone’s mind. Like it or not, he is in the driver seat. Potash’s run was nice to see but you can sharpie MM into the finals.

Bob Pompeani vs. Mike Lange

This one is a bit more unpredictable. In a match up of the two one seeds, both at times have shown weakness but have still made it to a round where few others have. Pomp of course has the backing of his daughters on social media, along with all his KDKA and 93.7 the Fan supporters and co-workers. He has a wide umbrella and is without question loved by many.

But….. Will it be enough to take down this LEGEND?

Since the death of Myron Cope, Lange has become THE voice of Pittsburgh sports. Brown might have more energy and Hillgrove might cover more teams but Lange is the most loved.

He is not just a Pittsburgh legend, but one of Hockey’s all time announcers. Bob obviously doesn’t have that national clout that Lange does. However, this isn’t a national contest.

Penguins twitter will be heavy for Lange, and they will need to be all in because he, himself has no social media. The guy probably has zero clue this is happening. Will that hurt him? Probably not. But it won’t help him either.

Every time a contestant in this bracket has referenced the poll he or she was in, the votes skyrocketed. The Pomp gang has the ability to bring this matchup to the attention of those who might not normally vote. Where as Lange has his base and while they are aware of what is happening, the word is already out. I don’t see him getting as many new voters.

Either way, when I made this bracket, I purposely put both of these two on the opposite end as MM because I knew that they were the only ones that had a shot of taking him down. Not that I want to see Madden lose, I just want to see a good bracket all the way through, which is what we are getting.

Be sure to vote, like, retweet and tell your friends!

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