Pittsburgh Media Madness: Sweet 16 Preview

Two rounds have come and gone. There have been upsets, close finishes and a ton of new people have joined in on the voting. As the dust settles, the sweet 16 is set to begin. Let’s take a look at what is to come!

Battle of the Broadcasters

Greg Brown vs. Bill Hillgrove. Steelers vs. Pirates. 93.7 the Fan vs. WDVE. This match up truly has it all. One is calm, cool and collected while the other uses emotion and excitement to capture the magic of a moment that is unfolding.

I’d imagine Hillgrove is the favorite but there is something special about baseball broadcasts. Not everyone in this town loves the Pirates but there are few people who dislike Greg Brown. Will he once again Raise the Jolly Roger? Or will the favorite, Hillgrove send him home?

Underdogs on the Loose

There are only three people remaining in the bracket who are higher than an eight seed. Two of them, Rob King (11) and Tunch Ilkin (10) will face off in the upcoming round. Tunch is fresh off of a victory over two seeded Alby Oxenreiter whole King continues to run strong. Steelers nation has showed up big for Tunch who is probably the favorite but he is by no means a lock. King’s humble image has made him a fan favorite in this bracket which gives him a good chance to pull off yet another improbable win.

Which 1 will go first?

All four one seeds remain. Each of them have advanced to the sweet 16 with ease. Will this be the round that we see the first one fall? Between Starkey, Potash, Yohe and Aditi, I’d like to imagine that one of them has what it takes to steal the crown.

My guess is that Starkey has the best chance out of anyone. The savvy old news hound might not have the ratings that Madden does but between his radio show, column and fun personality, he is both well known and far less polarizing than MM. The Madden twitter haters will be voting for Starkey hard. Will that be enough to help him beat the overall top seed? We will find out!

Voting for the Sweet 16 will start at 4 PM!

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