Pittsburgh Media Madness Round Two Preview: Day 2

Three days in and we are still rolling strong. In a few hours eight of the cities best journalists will punch their ticket to the sweet 16. After that we will then see who will join them. Here is my preview for the second day of round two!

Battle of the Nice People

It always sucks to see two people you enjoy face off against one another. While I loved the movie Captain America: Civil War, it still hurts to look back and watch Iron Man and Captain America fight.

That is probably how I’ll feel when Aditi Kinkhabwala and Josh Taylor face off in round 2. Aditi is the powerhouse and the favorite. However, she’s so nice she will probably vote for Josh, who dominated in his first round upset victory. I have no clue who I want to win this. I hope it’s a tie and they can just team up moving forward.

Goat Showdown: Part 2

If you thought Bouchette vs. Steve Blass was a second round battle of the heavy weights this one isn’t going to be much easier to decide. Pens HOF announcer Mike Lange will face off against Pitt color man and Western PA sports legend, Dick Groat in a match up that will test the heart of yinzers everywhere. Everyone obviously loves Lange but with Groat you have a similar situation that we do with Blass. Former athlete who became a lovable voice in the booth for decades that is now saying goodbye to the city that loves him so much. Will the farewell love be enough to spring Groat to a major upset? We will find out!

Two Alpha Dogs, One Bowl

Bouchette might be the top guy for the Steelers but Mark Kaboly and Gerry Dulac are also known well for covering the black and gold. They will face off in the second round. While my guess is that these to respect one another, I hope all of that goes out the window in this race. Kaboly already took down his good buddy Adamski, so we know he is able to put relationships aside for a victory.

However, Dulac will be a much harder foe for the Athletic best writer. Dulac stands in a small circle of the seasoned vets who have seen it all. Kaboly is amongst the top dogs for people his age but he is still a “young grass hopper” in Gerry’s eyes. If Bouchette is Yoda, Dulac would be Mace Windu. If Obi-Wan Kaboly can win this one, he too will earn a seat at the Jedi Council.

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