Pittsburgh Media Madness Round 2 Preview: Day 1

The opening rounds have come and gone. Now, we will see who has what it takes to reach the sweet 16. Let’s take a look as to what there will be in store.

A Friendship will be tested

Bill Hillgrove and Craig Wolfley hae been calling games together for the Pittsburgh Steelers for years. But today, they will leave the broadcast booth and enter the arena. Only one can leave.

Okay maybe it’s not that dramatic. Twitter can be brutal though. Wolfley is a former player which will get him some votes. Plus his energy on the sidelines for Steelers radio broadcasts is something many Yinzers enjoy. However, will it be enough to take down Hillgrove? My guess is no. Wolf had a big win in round win but Bill Hillgrove is no stranger to moments like this. He doesn’t need to campaign or even vote for himself. I doubt he even knows this is happening. Yet, the dude is a big enough legend to take down just about anyone he faces.

A battle of the Dogs

Two of the biggest first round upsets took place on day one when 14 seeded Kevin Gorman defeated DK and 11 seeded Rob King took down Adam Berry. Some would say these upsets just show that I did a horrible job seeding this bracket. I would like to tell those people to shut up and that they’re simply wrong.

Anyway, this will be an interesting match up. You might not know it but both of these dudes are everywhere. Gorman does radio, writes a column and sometimes is on TV while it seems that King has done the pregame broadcast for every Pittsburgh sporting that has ever taken place. It doesn’t matter if it is the Pirates, Penguins or Shaler JV Lacrosse, that dude is always on the air an hour before things get started giving you his keys to the game.

I have no clue who wins this one. People are pretty dumb now, which means they read less and watch TV more. That should help King. However, Gorman has a lot more twitter followers which, in today’s world is really all that matters.

The GOAT showdown: Part 1

The final exciting match up is between a Hall of Famer and a Pirate for life. Ed Bouchette is the guy when it comes to Steelers coverage. That is what got him in Canton, Ohio. However, he is running into a RED HOT Steve Blass.

Unless Josh Bell and Jung Ho Kang figure out how to hit home runs again (and stay off the roads after a few drinks), Steve Blass will be the biggest story as far as Pirates baseball is concerned. From pitching the Buccos to a game 7 victory in 1971 World Series to providing great stories and excitement in the broadcast booth, fans have a lot of reasons to love Blass. It happens to be his final year.

He just had the press box at LECOM park named after him and there will be a sweet bobble head give away to honor him later in the year. (shout out to the lucky 57 fans who will actually go to the game that night.)

I am not going to predict an upset but I wouldn’t be shocked to see it. Blass is hot but Bouchette is never cold. I am confident this will be close either way. The winner will be a force for the rest of the tournament.

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