Pittsburgh Media Madness First Round Recap


What an exciting first round we had in the past few days. This entire thing received way more attention than I ever expected it to but I have no complaints. Overall, the past few days had a bit of everything.


They say the 5 vs. 12 seed is where the most upsets take place in March but in this bracket it was the 3 vs 14 match up. On day one we watched Trib Columnist, Kevin Gorman take down powerhouse Dejan Kovavicic.

The following day, ESPN Radio’s Adam Crowley, used his youth and “nothing to lose” attitude to take down 93.7 the Fan’s Colin Dunap.

Side note: While Dunlap lost in the bracket, I did see that his daughter will be ringing the bell today at Children’s hospital to signify the end of her 30 month battle with cancer, so in all reality, I don’t think he will be bothered too much by his loss. Congrats to her and to Colin, better luck next year!


As I mentioned earlier, I expected to have very little engagement from the people in this bracket. BOY WAS I WRONG. I was completely shocked as to how many people not only paid attention to their standings but campaigned to win. Wednesday night I had Ed Bouchette tweeting about a stupid twitter poll I made. ED FREAKIN’ BOUCHETTE.

While it was fun to see a lot of the media members embrace this bracket, I would be wrong not to highlight the one man who took his campaign to the next level. Penn Live’s Jacob Klinger is a damn good beat writer for the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, if print journalism ever stops being his passion, he would make for an incredible campaign manager.

I haven’t played Pokemon go since like 2016 but I am pretty sure level 32 is a very impressive

The Fun

Now that so many people are invested in this, I look forward to keeping this bracket going all the way until we have a winner. Thanks to all of those who followed, retweeted or voted. Feel free to check out the rest of the website as well. We have a few people who write on here and sometimes it ends up being decent content. There is also an entertaining podcast by two of my friends who are nowhere near big enough names to get on this bracket.

To the next round we go!

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