We are just a few hours in on day one of Pittsburgh Media Madness and we are already catching some attention. Tomorrow might be a day filled with exciting plays and dramatic finishes but today, at least on twitter, the Big J’s of the 412 will find where they stand in the public eye. Lets take a look at some of the exciting day one match ups from the left side of the bracket.

Top Left Region

The Favorite: Mark Madden

Love him or hate him, everyone knows him. The super genius has been one of the top dogs in Pittsburgh radio for decades. He lets everyone know it too. His first round match up against high school broadcasting legend, Don Rebel is a solid one but it will take a lot of MM haters to derail him before at least the elite eight.

The Underdog: Mike White

Don’t sleep on Mike White to pull of a few upsets. He is one of the most respected writers in the city and has very few haters. While his first round match up against Craig Wolfley isn’t an easy one, look for him to make some noise if he survives early on.

Best Match up: Greg Brown vs. Josh Gerzoff

The battle of the play-by-play guys. The exciting vet vs. the new kid on the block. This will really come down to Pirates twitter vs. Penguins twitter in my eyes. Brownie should dominate this vote but I think it will be closer because of Pittsburgh’s hatred of anything involved with the Buccos.

Bottom Left Region

The favorite: Ed Bouchette

Anyone who is in the NFL Hall of Fame has to be a favorite to win this bracket. The guy has been the top dog in the Steelers press box for years. He is known by all. I apologize to Hagman who is his first round opponent but unfortunately someone had to face him.

The Sleeper: Dan Potash

Who doesn’t love this guy?

The Bad Boy: Dejan Kovacevic

Much like his pal, Mark Madden, DK is very polarizing. He has a ton of fans and also has a ton of haters. His website has a big following and a lot of loyal supporters who will probably vote for him all the way until the end but there will also be a good deal of people voting against him regardless of who he is up against. It will be interesting to see how he does.

Be sure to follow along and vote on twitter! The first round of the right side of the bracket will start tomorrow around 1 PM!

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