Pittsburgh Media Madness Day 2 Preview

As we are in the midst of some intense voting on day one, there will be even more great match ups coming tomorrow afternoon when we vote on the right side of the bracket. Here is a sneak preview of what is to come.

Top right region

Favorite: Bob Pompeani

Pompin’ might not be easy but it is hard to imagine a final four without this guy. The voice, the quick transitions and the legacy will make him a very strong favorite to not only win his region but the entire tournament.

The Sleeper: Jim Colony

I’m not sure if there is anyone in Pittsburgh with a bigger cult following than Colony. This guy might be the only person in the region who has a chance against Pomp. No one from 93.7 the Fan has commented on this poll yet. Once they notice it I am confident they will all rally their forces together to campaign for Jim.

Best match up: Gerry Dulac vs. Paul Alexander

Two absolute legends. Both should probably be seeded a lot lower but this is March and we need some exciting first round action. There is no telling who comes out on top with this one.

Bottom Right Region

The Favorite: Mike Lange

Mike Lange is like good music. He unites people from all walks of life. His sayings are the best out there and he is looked at by many as the voice of Pittsburgh. He won’t have an easy match up in the second round against Dick Groat (assuming Groat wins) but I think he will be an easy lock for the final four.

The Sleeper: Aditi Kinkhabwala

I know she technically covers more than just the Steelers but damnit this woman is a saint. It is hard not to respect Aditi because she simply does a damn good job at covering a team that is an absolute shit show. I have never met her but she seems very likable and I’m confident that others probably share that opinion. Look for her to make a decent run.

Best matchup: Jason Mackey vs. Jeff Hathhorn

Two very cool guys. You hate to see them have to face off so early. I’d give the edge to Mackey because Penguins twitter will be on his side. However, if the Fan eventually sees this poll and starts campaigning for people, right after Colony will come Hathhron. He seems to be very well respected by everyone at that station and they will want to see him go far. At least they will in my mind.

Be sure to keep voting for the left region! The polls close at 12:30 which is when the right side of the bracket will begin.

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