It’s Time to Burn the Stadium Series Uniforms

There are few things that bring up bad memories for Penguins fans. While every franchise has its share of tough losses throughout history, for the most part things have gone pretty well for those who cheer for the Pens.

When you always win and always have the best player in the world, that will happen. Times will normally be good for all on board.

However…. This season there as been on thing that has served as absolute nightmare fuel for the Penguins.

No…. Not him. I mean, yeah kinda but overall there is still something much worse.

Yes. This is what I am talking about.

I am all for new jerseys. I loved NFL color rush. I love the Pitt throw backs. I love the creative NBA city themes. And normally, I am a fan of all the Penguins uniforms.

However, these things got to go. Not because of how they look but because of the trend I am noticing.

Pittsburgh dominates Philly. That is just a fact. It has been over 16,000 days since the Flyers won their last cup. In that time period, the Penguins have hoisted it five times. The Pirates and Phillies had a historic rivalry in the 1970’s-1980’s to which the Buccos came out on top of more often than not. And if we are talking football, well simple math will tell you that six Lombardi trophies are more than one.

These new stadium series jerseys do not seem to get the message. Both times we wore them against Philly things ended tragically. First it came in the stadium series game where Matt Murray had an absolute meltdown in the final three minutes. That inspired me to write this piece, saying that the loss should serve as a wakeup call for a team who needed to get its shit together.

Now, with the playoffs right around the corner, the Pens seem to have done just that. Sid is playing at his all time best. Geno and Phil are scoring again. Jimmy big dick is back to making great trades and Murray is lights out. All is well…. or it was until we put those fucking uniforms back on.

Last night, it happened again. Another horrible collapse. However, I refuse to put this one on Murray or any player for that matter. This one is due to the fact that they are playing in cursed jerseys.

It is time we had ourselves a bonfire. Burn all of the stadium series uniforms. Even the power ranger looking helmets. We cannot allow our boys to get back into a slump now that we are in March. Two losses in a row is nothing to panic over. However, we aren’t in a spot where the Pens can just leave things to chance.

Burn those stupid stadium uniforms. Get them out of here asap. Stick to what was working and we should be fine.

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