Thank God it is Finally over

Thank god. It is finally over. All of the bullshit, done. No more arguments with reporters. No more tantrums on the sidelines. No more speeding tickets on McKnight road. No more throwing furniture off of the balcony. No more dancing hippos. No more blonde mustache. No more Mr. Big Chest.

Again… the bullshit is finally over.

The only problem now is this…. No more 100 catches per season. No more 1,000 plus yards on the other side of Juju. No more big time plays. No more clutch toe taps. No more business that is boomin.

I am very relieved that all of this non sense is over. However, my next question is, now what? The Steelers just said goodbye to the biggest headache in the NFL. However, he was also one of the best players in franchise history.

There is no question that he had to go. Yet, now that he is gone, what will we do without him? The Steelers are a team that will once again rely on its offense to score a lot of points in order to win games. That will be a lot harder without AB on the team.

This might be a decent start. Golden Tate is by no means capable of doing what AB can on a football field. However, he is a guy who has played for a team that won. He knows what it takes to earn a ring, something very few players on the Steelers can say.

So is that the move? He is clearly interested. Can the Steelers make that happen. Regardless of how perfect of a fit it seems, I have my doubts.

I am not sure how yinz feel, but I have lost just about all faith in the Steelers front office. In the past few years, they have not made very many choices that ended up well. They were bullied by Bell and now AB. They have missed out on decent trade opportunities and have not had the best drafts in the last decade.

There are a lot of players available this off season that can make the Steelers a much better team. I certainly hope they abandon their outdated “Steeler way” and sign a few of them. Colbert and company have very little to boast about as of late. They should be humiliated on how they were simply man-handled by a dude who calls himself “Mr. Big Chest.”

The Steelers are the laughing stock of the NFL right now. AB and Bell are gone. Those two seemed to be causing all of the problems. If that is the case, now the team has a clean slate. AB and Bell certainly made a mess on their way out but none the less, the Steelers can finally focus on something other than off the field bullshit.

Lets see how good this organization truly is.

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