Why Cleveland Sucks: Part 3 (The Taco Bell Robbery)

Welcome to part three of the “Why Cleveland sucks” series. Just so everyone is up to date, here are the first two blogs on this topic

Why Cleveland Sucks Part 1

Why Cleveland Sucks Part 2

All caught up? Perfect. Since it has been awhile since we last checked in with the mistake on the lake, lets see how things are going.

CLEVELAND (AP) — Police say a Cleveland man attempted to threaten customers at a Taco Bell with an airsoft gun, and the customers took the gun from him and pistol-whipped him.

According to court records, the 37-year-old man has not yet been charged in the Tuesday event. Cleveland.com reports Taco Bell employees say the man came into the restaurant about 10 p.m. and started yelling at a customer, then spit at several more customers.

Police say the customers confronted the man who pulled out the airsoft gun. The customers then overpowered the man, taking the gun from the man and using it to pistol-whip him several times in the head.
Responding police found the man standing outside the store with a gash on his head. He is receiving a hospital evaluation.

Yep, seems about right. Last night seemed to have been an above average overall day in Cleveland. The Cavs won AND their river managed to not catch fire. Talk about two big things in one day!?

Anyway, just when things were going well, once again, Cleveland fucked it up? Why? Because folks, that is what they do.

I can picture it now. Things were all calm and peaceful. Everyone is just trying to enjoy a nice night out at the nicest restaurant in the city (Taco Bell) until this jagoff, comes in and causes a problem.

He knew everyone was off guard. He knew that Taco Bell is where all the rich folks in Clevleand go to eat now that LeBron is gone and their economy has gone to shit. He knew tonight would be the time to do it.

The only problem? He didn’t have a real gun.

What a classic Cleveland move. Calculate a big plan, thing everything through, just to get pistol whipped and humiliated in front of everyone.

You think people in Cleveland are scared of guns when they have freaks like this guy just walking around town at all hours of the day?

Yeah, try again pal. If you are going into the wild wild west of Cleveland, Ohio you best come strapped with that real shit. Or at least, that was what one of the janitors of my college told me. I have never been dumb enough to step foot in that wasteland.

I guess this what happens when you let punk ass bitches like Kareem Hunt into your city. Law and order goes out the window. People are trying to shake down Taco Bell’s only to be reminded that they, like everyone else from North East, Ohio is a baby back bitch.

Good for the person behind the counter who took care of that fool. It sounds like he beat this person senseless. It is too bad Urban Myer isn’t at Ohio State, otherwise that dude might have landed himself a coaching job.

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