My Conspiracy Theory on the Pittsburgh Media Twitter War

So if you are a fan of Pittsburgh sports talk radio or at the very least follow the notable personalities on twitter, you are well aware of the all out war that is taking place between 93.7 The Fan’s Colin Dunlap and Mark Madden of 105.9 the X.

Of all the outspoken members within the Pittsburgh media, it would be fair to say that these two are at the top. Both host shows that get solid ratings. Both a rather polarizing. And both will not hold any punches back when someone comes after them.

Over the past few days these two have gone at each other non stop. Everything from ratings, money and even personal life topics have been brought into the fight.

For those who don’t know, this fight was a long time coming. It all basically started because Madden hates Juju Smith-Schuster. His high level troll job of Juju on twitter pisses Colin (along with many, many others) off to no end.

After the Saints loss, when Juju fumbled the ball on the final drive of the game, Madden went bat shit crazy, roasting Juju and all who defend him. This led to Dunlap speaking up and saying that Madden’s hate for Juju was weird and ridiculous (which it was).

Not much came from that, but everyone knew a war between Dunlap and Madden was coming. Then, on February 27 the first official shot was fired.

Strong words. Then Madden replied….

After this, all hell broke loose. On one side, we had Colin essentially staying on the same path, simply responding to any troll that accused him of being a Madden wannabe and letting them know how wrong they were.

On the other side, we had Madden, throwing any insult he could think of at Dunlap. Madden trashed Colin’s career, the station that he worked for and a lot more. I could go further into analyzing both sides of this fight but that wasn’t the goal of this blog. You can do that shit on your own time.

What this blog is about is a bigger picture. Regardless of what side you are on or who you enjoy listening to more, one thing is for certain: This shit was entertaining.

That was the goal of this all along.

Late February is an absolute dead zone for Pittsburgh sports. Aside from the NHL trade deadline, there is not much to talk about at all. We all know the Penguins will make the playoffs. We all know AB Mr. Big chest wants traded out of Pittsburgh. We all know the Pirates are in spring training. Overall, there simply isn’t a huge conversation topic. That means there is not a huge reason why listeners should tune in.

After the dramatic football season we just went through, things feel extra dead. Not too long ago, there was always a national story or breaking news. Now, it is like we have all been cut off.

Enter Dunlap and Madden.

These two guys might not like one another. However, what they both do like is when lots of people listen to their shows. Which is exactly what a radio war will lead an audience to do.

Granted, this isn’t Barstool. Neither one of them have spent a lot of time (Dunlap has not spent any time at all) talking about this twitter beef on their show. However, like we all waited for this twitter war to happen, now yinzers all over western PA are tuning in hoping that this too will pop off, and the battle moves to the airwaves.

Tuning in, hoping to hear a host talk about something you know they shouldn’t is very fun. You are listening, wondering if they are willing to cross that line. All while they, the host are well aware of what you want.

They probably wont give it to you either. They brought you in and are doing enough still to this day to keep you around. As soon as there is something else to talk about, that is actually interesting, this will all be forgotten.

Don’t get me wrong, like I said before, these two dudes probably do hate each other. This war might not have been planned but you’re a fool if you don’t think either one of them recognizes the benefits it will bring them.

Every morning we will tune in to hear if Dunlap will finally boil over and go after Madden on the air. Then, after he doesn’t we tune into Madden every afternoon to hear him continue to poke the bear that is Colin.

Once baseball season starts this will go away. If not by then, it will for sure once the NHL post season gets going. Until then, lets enjoy this theater. Staged or not, this is much better than watching Pitt basketball right now.

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