Should the Pirates Extend Garth Brooks?

With Gregory Polanco out for the first few months of the 2019 season, the Pirates signed a handful of notable veterans this off season who can hold down the fort until El Coffee returns to the North Shore.

Outfield depth is a bit of a problem right now for the Buccos so all eyes will be on the newly signed players this spring. While guys like Lonnie Chisenhall and Melky Cabrera are the favorites to start on opening day, to me the guy we should all be rooting for is their most recent acquisition.

Garth Brooks.

At first glance, I couldn’t tell if that was him or Bryce Harper. My guy Garth looks like a real ball player. He’s got the glasses flipped upside down on the brim of his cap, the clean beard and the 3/4th sleeve to keep his throwing arm warm but comfortable.

Garth might not have the MLB experience that his competition possess but what he does have a few things going for him….

1. He didn’t spend the last season in Cleveland so he puts the team at less risk to attract deathly viruses.

2. No history of injury problems

3. Never tested positive for PEDs

4. Would help the team sell tickets

Garth might not be the most athletic but I think he’s earned another seven day contract at the very least. In all honesty, I can’t see him being much worse than Sean Rodriguez or Max Moroff, who both started games for the Buccos last year.

If the Pirates aren’t going to sign a legit player before the season starts why not let Brooks make the opening day roster? It would certainly get their name in the news a bit more, which couldn’t hurt them.

Plus he’d probably do a free concert on Skyblast Saturday nights.

I think a sit down meeting needs to happen. If Tebow and MJ can do it, so can Garth Brooks. Sign this super star and let’s ride the Thunder Road all the way to October.

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