Goodbye, Antonio Brown

This shouldn’t be a shock but for me, it still is. Think about how everyone in Pittsburgh or anywhere else for that matter, viewed Brown just one year ago.

He was looked at as one of the best to ever play for a franchise that has dozens of hall of famers. He was a fan favorite because of his incredible play, work ethic and flashy personality.

He could do no wrong. Until this season started, then he could do no right.

Growing up, I remember hearing about the Madden curse. How an athlete on the cover would always end up getting hurt or having a terrible year. While Brown might have stayed healthy until week 17 and led the NFL in touchdown receptions (16) it can be argued that he has been hit harder by the Madden curse than anyone else…. Aside from Peyton Hillis. (What a fucking joke that he was on the cover of Madden).

Love him or hate him, Brown is done with the Steelers. That is honestly for the best. Though I have always been an AB fan, I can’t say I am sad to see him leave; I am just shocked.

I honestly wonder what drove him act the way he did this season. Did he just get, as the early 2000’s rappers would say, “lost in the sauce?”, did Juju’s success on and off the field bother him, is Ben really that big of an asshole or is there something else that we don’t know about?

My guess is that in reality, all are true. Normally, you see a breakup between a star and his first team coming from far away. But this, this happened in less than a year.

It was weird not seeing Bell play for the Steelers this past season. It will be even weirder not seeing AB. Watching them both on another team will give me mixed feelings.

Part of me will be relieved that all the drama they brought to the Steelers will be gone while another part of me will be pissed that we couldn’t win a championship with those two talented sons of bitches on our roster.

Like I said before, I don’t hate AB. I am fed up with his bullshit and think this needs to happen, but I will always be grateful for the many big plays he made in Pittsburgh. His touchdown catches brought a lot of happiness into this city and though it looks like his time here is coming to an end that none of us saw coming, I hope we can all remember the good and not just the bad.

Best of luck to AB wherever he lands. I highly doubt he will be traded to a team with a quarterback better than Ben or to a team that has a winning tradition similar to what we have here in Pittsburgh, but maybe this trade will allow him to restart and simply calm the fuck down.

With Ben as his Quarterback, AB was never going to be the main guy here. Maybe he will be the brightest star for his next team. If not, I honestly don’t care. My focus now is one what we can get for him and hoping that we never have to play against him.

So long, AB. Please try to keep your vehicle under 100 mph whenever it is you end up leaving town.

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