Reasons Why Cleveland Sucks: Part 2 (Kareem Hunt Signing)

You know what I love about Cleveland? They seemingly cannot allow themselves to have nice things.

They had an incredible baseball team in the 1990’s and watched them all leave to bigger and better franchises. They had a football team with a rich history and Bill Belichick and they somehow let them both leave. They had the best basketball player in the world and he left them TWICE.

Today, the worst city on earth gets to add this to its resume.

When I saw the Browns draft Baker Mayfield, as a Steelers fan I was never worried. I knew he would be good, I knew this could potentially allow Cleveland to be competitive but I knew they’d some how fuck everything up. That is what they do. They are the Browns.

But never in my wildest dreams did I think they’d make a move this stupid.

I mean, obviously Kareem Hunt is a good player. One could make the argument that he deserves a second chance. But for Browns to be the team that gives it to him, well that is just perfect.

Last season the Browns were America’s sweetheart. Everyone rallied around them and fell in love with their underdog story. It was very annoying and I frankly couldn’t wait until it ended. Thankfully, it did today.

It no longer matters how well Baker Mayfield plays, how many sacks Myles Garrett has or how good of a coach Kitchens can be. The main story for the Browns in 2019 will be about a guy who can’t even play half the season for them because he kicked a woman in the face.

What makes this story even better is the fact that it was such an unnecessary move. They have two great young running backs who, as far as we know, have hit a combined zero women in their wife.

Hunt is very talented on the field but his potential upside does not outweigh the obvious downside that will follow him into that shit city into Ohio. This team has a young quarterback, a first year head coach and a tight locker room. They just injected all three with the biggest cancer the league has seen in years.

The Browns are now public enemy number one. I fucking love it. They were loved by all last year and in typical Cleveland fashion went and fucked it up. It is pure poetry.

Hey Browns fans, just like every game yinz had in over time this past year, this kick is also no good. Enjoy having this scumbag in your town.

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