Tommy’s Top Five Locks: Saturday, February 9

Year Record: 17-17-0 (One bet is still pending on Gronk’s retirement)

Welcome back my friends. Last weekend was a big one, as my picks went 9-5-0 to get us back to .500 in the new year. If Gronk retires, that of course moves us up to a winning record.

Some would say that after a big week, the best thing to do is slow down. Enjoy the high and don’t get to cocky. They tell me “Tommy, you have a gambling problem. Get out now before you dig yourself into another hole. Please, we are concerned.”

Well those people can all fuck off. I am red hot so instead of giving yinz five picks, I have upped it to EIGHT this Saturday. You’re welcome in advance for the money.


  1. Charolette Hornets -2.5
  2. San Antonio Spurs +5

NCAA Basketball

  1. Michigan Wolverines -5.5
  2. Kentucky Wildcats -4.5


  1. Los Angles Kings ML +200
  2. Colorado Avalanche ML +120


  1. San Antonio Commanders -2.5
  2. Atlanta Legends +5

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