What AAF Team Should You Root For? Pt.6 – The Salt Lake Stallions

After Tom Brady took a knee to bring the clock to triple zeros in Super Bowl LIII, the NFL season had officially concluded on Sunday night. Lucky for all of us, that horrible excuse of a game will not be our final taste of football until August, as the Alliance of American Football League kicks off their inaugural season this Saturday on CBS.

With the league being brand new, unless you live in one of the eight cities that has a team or know someone who is playing in the AAF, you are probably wondering who to root for.

Luckily for all of you, I have a bit of a gambling problem and not much else to do, so I have spent the entire day looking over each team’s roster. After looking everything over, I can honestly say that I am excited to check things out this weekend.

Below are my notes on every team. Hopefully this serves as some insight for the first games this weekend, which I am 100% going to put a ton of money on because, well, it’s football, folks.

Team #1 – The Arizona Hotshots

Team #2 – The Atlanta Legends

Team #3 – The Birmingham Ironbirds

Team #4 – The Memphis Express

Team #5 – The Orlando Apollos

Team #6 – The Salt Lake Stallions

This team is about as interesting as the city that they’ll play in. I’ve tried to think of multiple different angles to hype them up both overall, I cannot see why anyone would want to watch the Stallions play.

The most known person affiliated with their team is head coach, Dennis Erickson. Erickson has a solid resume, which includes winning two national titles at Miami and NFL stinks with the Seahawks and 49ers.

While he has a notable past, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to watch him coach in today’s game. He doesn’t have the history as a player like Singletary and lacks the charisma that guys like Spurrier bring to the table.

Erickson is boring. Which makes him a perfect fit for this team. Located inside arguably the most innocent and least exciting city in the nation, the Stallions have a roster that is made up primarily of former college football players from the state of Utah.

The idea of a region draft works well when you have teams who play in states like Florida, Texas, Georgia and California. However, Utah isn’t what one would label as a hot bed for athletic excellence.

Don’t get me wrong, BYU and Utah have produced some notable pros over the years but have they ever been a team that you dropped everything to watch play on a Saturday afternoon? Probably not.

The best player on the Stallions roster is running back Matt Asiata. Asiata was a standout runner at Utah and had marginal success in the NFL from 2011-2017 as a backup.

Asiata is of Samoan decent so I guess that’s cool too. I know that really has nothing to do with football but I seriously cannot think of anything else to write about when it comes to this team.

Their Quarterback is BJ Daniels from South Florida University. Daniels might actually do a decent job at making this teams offense semi watchable. In college, Daniels was a four year starter and broke multiple school records. He was on his way to becoming the all time Big East leader in total yards until an injury his senior year ended his season early. As a pro, Daniels bounced around as a backup until he left for the CFL in 2017. He’s now back in the USA where he can hopefully bring some flash to this dull ass squad.

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