What AAF Team Should You Root For? Pt.4 – The Memphis Express

After Tom Brady took a knee to bring the clock to triple zeros in Super Bowl LIII, the NFL season had officially concluded on Sunday night. Lucky for all of us, that horrible excuse of a game will not be our final taste of football until August, as the Alliance of American Football League kicks off their inaugural season this Saturday on CBS.

With the league being brand new, unless you live in one of the eight cities that has a team or know someone who is playing in the AAF, you are probably wondering who to root for.

Luckily for all of you, I have a bit of a gambling problem and not much else to do, so I have spent the entire day looking over each team’s roster. After looking everything over, I can honestly say that I am excited to check things out this weekend.

Below are my notes on every team. Hopefully this serves as some insight for the first games this weekend, which I am 100% going to put a ton of money on because, well, it’s football, folks.

Team #1 – The Arizona Hotshots

Team #2 – The Atlanta Legends

Team #3 – The Birmingham Iron

Team #4 – The Memphis Express

If you enjoy drama, the Memphis Express might be the team for you. How could there already be drama with this team you might ask? I will tell you how…. Two words: Quarterback controversy.

The two biggest names on the Memphis roster are both at the quarterback position. The first being former Penn State star and New York Jet, Christian Hackenberg and the other being former LSU great and Pittsburgh Steeler practice squad member, Zach Mettenberger.

If I had to guess, Hackenberg enters week one as the starter. He has the bigger name, the better resume and probably is the better quarterback. However, Mettenberger is no slouch. Plus if you take into account that there are probably more SEC fans in Memphis than there are Penn State die-hards, he might have a case to see the field.

Now you are probably wondering, who is the head coach of the Express? Will he be able to handle this situation if it starts to spiral out of control. Well folks, let me tell you that the guy running this team doesn’t take shit from anyone.

Yep, that’s right, the Express will be coached by Bears HOF linebacker, Mike Singletary. I have always been a fan of Mike. While I was not alive to see him play, I feel like I have gathered a good idea as to how talented he was thanks to the 7,598 documentaries that were made about the 1985 Bears.

I never felt that Mike got a fair shake at being a head coach. During his short time in San Francisco, I felt like he was starting to put something special together. However, after just 40 games he was fired after going a sub par 18-22 in that span (Much better than Hue Jackson).

Singletary’s head coaching career is often overlooked due to the man who replaced him, which was Jim Harbaugh. Obviously, once Harbaugh came in. the young 49ers put it all together and made a few trips to the NFC Championship game and an appearance in Super Bowl XLVII. That team was also led by a quarterback who was pretty good that season. Dual threat player who was pretty well spoken. I can’t remember what his name was though…. I wonder what he is up to now?

(Disclaimer, that was not a political jab toward either side. I obviously know who Alex Smith is and while his leg injury that he suffered this season is something most websites will shy away from, I would NEVER avoid talking about a controversial topic.)

Anyway… Back to Mike. I like Mike, not that one, well him too. You get what I mean. I think this is a great opportunity for Singletary to revive his coaching career. He is a true football guy and the game is better when he is around it. He might have to go through some drama this year, but if I know Mike, he won’t take shit from any of his players.

Mike Singletary’s reaction after Vernon Davis walked into the locker room early then mooned the team the next time he saw them.

Aside from Hackenberg and Mettenberger, the other local connecting (if you’re looking for one) between the Express and the city of Pittsburgh would be found on fourth downs. Memphis’ punter, Brad Wing is a former Steeler.

He is best known for his shitty punts and being the first Australian player to complete a scoring pass, which happened after he dropped an extra point snap and threw up a hail marry which was caught by Matt Spaeth in a game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Though the big names of Singletary, Hackenberg, Mettenberger and Wing probably move the needle for most, I personally will be watching the express to cheer on one player: 5’7 wide receiver, Alton “Pig” Howard.

I spent the last 45 minutes searching the internet as to why Howard goes by the name “Pig”. It’s not just a nick name, that is what he is known in the media notes and in pretty much any article you can find on him. I almost like that there is no explanation. It is short, sweet and simple. We are forced to accept it, which I am all in on. Classic Pig!

All that I know about this man is that he is very short for his position, goes by the name of a farm animal and was kicked off the University of Tennessee football team during his senior season for violating team rules, which are not explained in further detail.

He was probably just messing around! You know how Pig is, that jokester!

In all seriousness, I don’t want to watch this league for guys like Hackenberg, who had their shot. I want to tune in to see the misfits. A 5’7 receiver named Pig fits right into that category.

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