Pretty Much Every Former Steeler Hates Antonio Brown

We are only three days away from the Super Bowl and yet still one of the biggest story lines in all of sports, especially in football, is tied to a wide receiver who has not played a single football game in the year of 2019.

As Super Bowl media week continues, we are seeing tons of former Steelers make appearances on all the notable radio and tv shows to advertise a few shitty products and remind the entire nation about how good they were back in their prime.

I have zero problem with this. I actually look forward to it. As someone who grew up watching Jerome Bettis, Hines Ward and James Harrison play, I enjoy hearing them tell stories about those great championship winning teams. It’s serves as a nice distraction from the current shit show we have now on the South Side.

However, after all of these former Steelers get done plugging their new football league, diet drink or whatever else, the subject of discussion quickly switches to one person, Antonio Brown.

I am honestly sick of hearing this dudes name. He’s become the song radio stations ruin by overplaying it wayyyy too much every summer.

Despite there being zero new developments in his situation, each day there is a new former Steeler giving a comment about him. Regardless of who they are, I promise all of the phrases below are covered.

“Coach Cowher wouldn’t have allowed this to happen”

“They need to get their act together.”

“I’m Pittsburgh all we care about are championships, so missing the playoffs is embarrassing.”

“AB might not be the only issue here.”

“Ben, Tomlin and AB need to sit down and work this out.”

“I cannot believe he didn’t answer Mr. Rooney’s calls.”

I honestly don’t disagree with any of these points. However, am I the only one who is just soooo over all the AB cliches? No shit they have a problem. No shit it’s bad they missed the playoffs.

Unless someone is going to take it to the next level and call AB a punk ass bitch, or something along those lines, why do we act like it is headline news every time a former Steeler says the same shit as the last guy did?

Obviously his current teammates aren’t going to say anything. Obviously the guys who never played with him or no longer play with him will have a bit more to say about the guy. This isn’t hard cut news. We aren’t learning anything new here.

I guess I’m just over all this AB drama. I understand it’s a slow time for news and this is easy content that everyone has an opinion on, but there are no more original takes. It’s fine to ask a guy what their opinion on AB is but can we please stop making everyone’s reaction front page news?

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