Can The Penguins just Skip Straight to the Playoffs?

Last night the Penguins showed the entire hockey world (Canada) that when they give a fuck about their opponent, they’re a pretty damn hard team to beat.

In the past decade plus, no one has played in more big hockey games than the Penguins. They make the playoffs literally every year. They’ve been to four conference finals and of course won three Stanley Cups.

The Pens dominance, especially in the Mike Sullivan era, has made the regular season a bit of a formality. We all know the drill…. Start of decent, hit a slump around November-December, a few players get injured, one of our stars can’t seem to tally any points then, when they feel like it, they always turn it around.

Normally a few trades will be made or a handful of guys will take their play to another level, which we have seen, once again this year.

With that being said, can’t the NHL just give the Penguins a direct pass into the Stanley Cup playoffs?

Why do we have to keep doing this shit every fucking year? We all know how the regular season wraps up. Geno will get it together, the Pens will focus on staying healthy and they’ll punch a ticket for a first round matchup against the Blue Jackets.

Last nights blowout win over Tampa proves that the Penguins are simply above the NHL regular season. They do not need to waste their valuable time playing these games. Everyone knows they’re elite, they have nothing else to prove.

This method doesn’t apply to everyone. Teams like Tampa Bay are always good but until you win multiple rings, you don’t get the fast pass. Same goes for the Caps. You need to learn how to play as the champs.

The Pens on the other hand have zero reason to play a regular season game, other than to remind these punk ass teams who is the real big swinging dick in town.

I’d even be fine if they kept the good regular season match ups. You want them to take on other good teams like Boston, Toronto, San Jose and Washington or have their stars go head to head against the games best like Connor McDavid? Fine, I guess we can allow that.

But asking these hockey gods to play a team of muppets like the New Jersey Devils or Florida Panthers is just insulting. Let’s not waste anyone’s time. Just let them play one game a week until the real hockey starts. This team is ready for another deep playoff run. Can’t we get it moving soon?

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