Willie Colon Admits to Smoking Weed Before Playing in Big Games

Earlier today, former Steelers offensive lineman Willie Colon reflected on how he prepared himself for battle in the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

10 years ago, the Steelers earned their sixth Super Bowl ring over the Arizona Cardinals in what many look at now as one of the best games in NFL history. Heading into that game, there was a lot to be excited about. For Willie Colon, there was also a lot to be nervous about.

“For me, I know that I couldn’t sleep” said Colon, to his Barstool Co-workers, Dan Katz, PFT Commenter and show guest Dan Patrick. “If it was Baltimore week and I got Ray Lewis, Heloti Naughta and Ed Reed and one of the baddest defenses in all of the land and we are trying to win a division title, I got entirety a little bit.”

Colon continued saying, “I’m anxious, I’m not picking up the phone, I’m worried about my assignment. You know what is going to help me get proper sleep so I can do my job?”

Patrick then asked Colon if he smoked weed before a game. Colon admitted that he did so.

“For me, I didn’t like taking Ambien, I didn’t like opioids, I didn’t like none of that stuff. The only thing that got me to level out and get some sleep, because me knees were also shot, was a joint”.

I absolutely love the honesty from Willie Colon here. He isn’t trying to come off as a hard ass or look cool, he is being straight up. As an offensive lineman, your job is literally all about taking on pressure.

During his years in Pittsburgh, the offensive line was hands down the most scrutinized part of the team. Anytime the Steelers lost, they more often than not, took the blame. With that considered, you can’t blame Willie for wanting to calm himself down before playing in the biggest games of his life.

It’s so funny to think about it now, as we all were losing our minds with nervousness watching Ben lead the Steelers down the field against the Cardinals in the final two minutes of Super Bowl XLIII, that Willie Colon, one of his best O-Linemen, was probably stoned off his ass during the entire game.

He prepared for the Super Bowl by smoking, well, a super bowl. I absolutely love it. Whatever it takes to win, do it. Maybe that’s what this Steelers team needs today. Some weed might calm them all the fuck down and bring them together as a whole.

Or maybe not. None the less, Willie Colon is a stud for telling this story. I’m sure there are hundreds of other former athletes who have similar ones as well.

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