KDKA: The Only News Outlet that matters

As I woke up this morning and scrolled through my twitter feed, I noticed that a picture from a local news station has gone viral. For a media outlet that covers a town full of Yinzers, this is nothing new.

First we had the legend of Barry Pingnor on WTAE

30 Second in

Then they followed him up with the all time classic, Pittsburgh Deb.

But today, we saw the Pittsburgh news media take their game to another level. And rather than it coming from WTAE, it came from the GOAT of all local media, KDKA.

For those who don’t know, the letters KDKA are responsible for all media that we have today, aside from print. They were the first radio station ever, which then led to radio expanding, which then led to news being on the television, and so on and so forth. So without KDKA, we never get to meet legends like Barry or Deb and we never get to hear the smooth, silky voice of Bob Pompeani.

However, this latest viral moment was not in the first degree. No, this was plotted. This was calculated. And my god did it work. It will probably go down as one of the greatest troll jobs of all time.

Check out Tom Brady’s Description

I mean this was on the real news. Not a comedy website or on social media, but on a station where thousands of people go for their information. I FUCKING LOVE IT. Today’s media world is all about knowing your market. Fox News knows their viewers are conservative, CNN knows their audience liberal and KDKA knows their viewers are yinzers, who are currently filled with hatred for both the Patriots or Tom Brady.

I have no fucking idea what this story was even on. I don’t know if it was about sports, media day or something else, but to be honest I don’t really care.

This is exactly what the city needed right now. Its cold as fuck, AB drama is at an all time high, the Pirates wont sign a free agent and the Pens just lost to the Devils again…. This got everyone going on a shitty Tuesday morning and honestly might be just what Pittsburgh needed to turn things around.

Thank you for your service, KDKA.

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