KDKA Fires The Guy who Made the Brady Graphic

Today is a very sad day friends. Less than 24 hours after the greatest news story to have ever been run on a Pittsburgh television station was aired, the legend behind it has been fired.

It was reported today that KDKA TV fired the producer that was responsible for the hilarious and accurate graphic that labeled Tom Brady as a “known cheater”.

Following their viral moment yesterday, the station clearly didn’t find the graphic as funny as everyone else. While it’s fair for them to disagree on the humor value, what they cannot argue with is the fact that it was true.

This post is not designed to call KDKA a fake news site. They have always been and will always be a reliable source where Pittsburghers can go get their news from. However, they really beefed this one up.

Brady has been a proven cheater. Regardless of how many Super Bowls he wins or records he breaks, he will always have spy and deflate-gate attached to his name.

That graphic served as clean cut info for yinzers all over the city. Who they should root for on Sunday and who they should bet on. That is what people rely on the news to tell them and now, those people will be lost.

The worst part is, this wasn’t something people already didn’t know or believe. This wasn’t pushing an agenda, it was preaching to the choir. Now, the choir has been silenced.

Once again, Tom Brady has the last laugh over the city of Pittsburgh. Fuck that dude.

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