The Pirates Need to Nut Up and Sign the Best Short Stop/ Player on the Market

We are less than a month away from Pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training and the Buccos have yet to make any major moves to address their biggest area of need; shortstop.

While they did acquire Erik Gonzalez in a trade from the Cleveland Indians and they have former first round pick, Kevin Newman ready and waiting, many feel that neither are capable of being a productive everyday player at the big league level yet.

At the start of the off season, there were numerous players that the Pirates could’ve chased after. However, as the months went by, one by one, they all seemed to find a home elsewhere.

Now, with time against them, fans are hoping that the Pirates will still make one move to bolster their lineup and solidify the middle infield.

There is one guy still out there who I’d imagine every team wants. Someone who can instantly turn a any franchise into a World Series contender.

I’m talking about Jack Wilson.

Overshadowed by players in bigger markets or on better teams, Jack Wilson was one of the most electric players in the early 2000’s.

He was as sure handed as they came defensively and his hustle and knowledge of the game made him a very difficult out at the plate.

Jack Wilson is exactly what the Pirates need. This club is young and talented but they have no grit, experience or pizzazz. Jumping Jack flash would provide them will all three!

Wilson, like Tom Brady, is only 41 years old so a deal along the lines of 2 years for 5 million is both fair and attainable. He has been out of baseball since 2012 so he’s had plenty of rest and is anxious to get back out there and make some diving plays again.

The sad thing about all of this is, I bet there is a decent sized group of people who’d actually want this to happen. While they might not believe Jack Wilson is better than Newman or Gonzalez, they’d rather pay money to watch Wilson play. I can’t said I don’t subscribe to that theory.

If Nutting doesn’t want to spend money, the least he can do is entertain us. Bring back Jack Wilson. It would be the best PR move the club has done in years.

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