Man tries to Prevent his own Cucking, Handcuffs wife inside car.

“BETHLEHEM, Pa. (AP) — Authorities say a Pennsylvania man shackled his wife inside his vehicle numerous times while he went to work because he was concerned she was cheating on him.

John VanHorn is charged with false imprisonment.

Bethlehem police found the woman Wednesday when they responded to reports of a woman handcuffed inside a parked vehicle who needed help. The officers found a metal device locked to her ankle and secured to the underside of the front passenger seat.

VanHorn was soon spotted driving by in a borrowed vehicle. Authorities say the 49-year-old Albrightsville man had the keys to his wife’s shackles and two realistic looking BB guns.

The woman told police she had been shackled “numerous times” inside VanHorn’s vehicle over the past six months.

It wasn’t known Tuesday if VanHorn has retained an attorney.”

Listen, I’ve heard a few rap albums in my day so I am 100% aware of the term “cuff your chick” but this dude may have crossed a few lines.

I can understand being insecure about your girl finding someone else. Regardless of who you are or what you do, sometime or another most dudes have at least a tad worry about being cucked.

However, hand cuffing your wife inside your car while you’re at work is, well, probably not the best way to address those concerns.

To be fair, he did cuff her inside the car. It is very cold outside so at the very least, we do know that he cares about her warmth and well being. That was a classy move that he should 100% bring up in court.

At the end of the day, this dude has to take it down a notch. If your girl finds someone else, then that’s just how it works man. Take a look at the name of the town this takes place in.

BETHLEHEM, PA….. It’s literally named after a places that’s best known for a woman who had a baby that wasn’t conceived by her husband. I feel like Mary and Joseph’s relationship was a tad bit different than the couple in this story but hey, who knows? Maybe Marry rode to the manger on a Donkey because she was hand cuffed to it as well.

Bottom line here is, don’t handcuff your wife to your vehicle, unless she is pregnant with the son of God. Then, and only then, is it okay.


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