Duke Ain’t Shit

Tonight, the top two teams in the ACC square off in what will undoubtedly be one of the most exciting games of the college basketball season. At 9 PM, the most exciting team in the nation will host the Duke Blue Devils and show a national audience once and for all that Coach K and his group of millionaire 19 year-olds are frauds.

Since this season began, every single college basketball analyst has done nothing but suck Duke’s dick. And for what? Sure they have a guy who dunked on a few 5’8 white kids in high school and beat a couple of decent teams like Auburn and Texas Tech but overall, this Duke team is not that special.

Last week they lost to a 17 point underdog, whose head coach literally pissed his pants in the middle of the game. I mean look at this guy!!!

I get that Boeheim is a legend himself but if you can’t beat that guy on your home court, do you really expect to compete with this red hot Pitt team?

Pitt has already doubled their conference win total from last year. Their young backcourt duo of Xavier Johnson and Trey McGowens is absolutely lethal. Sure they lost to Syracuse as well but they at least they covered the spread. Good teams win, great teams cover. Duke has more wins but Pitt covered against their only common opponent, while the Blue Devils did not.

Advantage, Panthers.

Another big thing that people are forgetting to mention about this matchup is the fact the Jeff Capel factor. That dude is responsible for the team that Duke has today. He payed recruited every single one of Duke’s starting five. You think he doesn’t know how to coach against them? You think those dudes are going to come out here and try to disrespect the man who made them rich? Absolutely not.

Pitt +12 is arguably the biggest lock of the century. If yinz have any nuts/brains at all, you’d hammer them money line. Duke is flying high at the moment because they are coming off of a win over a school that lost to a 16 seed last year. They have no idea what is coming. The Pete will be packed and shaking, which is what allowed the Panthers to knock off Duke the last time they played in Oakland.

The same shit is about to happen tonight. You heard it here first from your boy, Yinzer Tommy. Hail To Pitt!

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