For Once in His Life, Lev Bell isn’t an Idiot.

Following the Rams big overtime win over the Saints to send them to the Super Bowl, Bleacher Report posted the photo above to highlight all of the aggressive moves the team had made in the previous off season that helped them win the NFC.

While the names and financial figures that are listed definitely stand out, the biggest eye popper from this screenshot belongs to the comment section.

It has been a hell of a week for Steelers players on Social Media. You had AB post a thank you/ totally not goodbye note, then we saw him workout with Heisman winner, Kyler Murry, which was followed up on Sunday by L.J Fort publicly calling out his teammate and kicker, Chris Boswell and to cap things off, Leveon Bell (I guess he is still technically a Steeler), calls out the entire franchise for being cheap, when they should of been “trying to win that shit right now”.

It is easy to dislike Le’veon Bell. He turned down a deal that would’ve made him the highest paid running back in NFL history and lied to his teammates about his return date, which ultimately never happened. However, he is dead on with this poorly worded comment.

The Steelers are 100% in win now mode. Just like the Patriots and the Saints, who also have an aging future hall of fame Quarterback, the championship window is closing for the Black and Gold. However, unlike the Pats and the Saints, the Steelers were not playing football last night. Would that have been different had they just paid Lev Bell? Maybe so, or maybe not.

However, I would like to think that they would’ve made it to the AFC Championship had they made ANY legit move in the past off season. If you can’t sign Bell, let his ass walk. Upgrade the defense, the special teams or the coaching staff. DO ANYTHING.

They didn’t. Morgan Burnett and Jon Bostic were the two big names the Steelers brought in last year to help fill the hole that was left after Ryan Shazier’s injury.

I understand the Steelers don’t make splash transactions. They build from within, which is what won them six Super Bowls. However, it’s not like they’re incapable of making a successful free agent signing.

Joe Haden is hands down the best defensive back on the team. James Farrior was the anchor of a defense that won Super Bowl XL and XLIII. Jerome Bettis has a shrine in Canton, OH that says “Steelers” on it. None were drafted by Pittsburgh but all were very successful after coming here.

So while I hate to admit it, Lev was 100% right. This team is in win now mode but that other team on the North Shore must have rubbed off on them. They tired to win now while also setting themselves up to win later. That’s not how sports work.

Look at the two teams playing in the Super Bowl this year. One has been in “win now mode” for over a decade and the other just went all in. Both have made it further than the Steelers have since 2011. I understand that the Steelers have always been the model franchise but maybe its time they start copying what other teams are doing.

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