Tommy’s Top Five Locks: Saturday, January 19th

I am known to be a bit of a gambling man and not in a good way. In 2018, my overall record for picks was 130-184-3 (41%). Needless to say, I can only get better. The haters would say that if you were to logically fade my picks, you’d win a lot of money. Well, fuck them. 2019 is off to a hot start and I am about to show the world that your boy Yinzer Tommy knows his sports. Here are my Saturday Picks….

Saturday, January 19

NCAA Basketball

  1. Loyola-Chicago -4: I refuse to doubt Porter Moser ever again. Unless Larry Bird comes out on the court for Indiana State, I think they win this one easily.
  2. Kentucky +4.5: Coach Cal (A Pittsburgh guy) vs that nerd Bruce Pearl. Are you kidding me? Plus Auburns best player is like 5’9. I just don’t trust anyone that short who plays division one athletics with my money.


  1. Sharks ML +125: The Sharks take on Tampa Bay for a battle of the titans. While both teams are pretty damn good, I think the Sharks come out on top strictly because Tampa Bay is in IDGAF mode right now. They are like 14 games ahead of the Leafs and a non conference matchup is the least of their worries on a weekend.
  2. Penguins/Golden Knights Under 6.5: After being humiliated last year in his return to Pittsburgh, Marc Andre Fleury is due for a big night against his former team. The Pens will be coming off of a game against a young and scrappy Coyotes team, which makes them a prime candidate for a quiet night.


  1. Miami Heat -2.5: The Chicago Bulls are the biggest shit show in the NBA this season. Worse than the Cavs and that is saying something. They have fallen in their last nine contests and normally get blown the fuck out. The Miami Heat are average at best but they will mop the floor with the Bulls.

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