I Survived the Pittsburgh Blizzard of 1-19-19

Unlike what many were predicting, the sun rose this morning and society continued within the Steel City. With the threat of this devastating winter storm looming, all of western Pennsylvania was waiting to find out, if this was indeed the end of man kind.

We all had the essentials: Toilet paper, bottles of water, three leftover Primantis sandwiches and our lucky terrible towels. We were prepared for the worst. Unfortunately for us all, nothing fucking happened.

My good pal, Del Slappo took the words right out of my mouth. I know we are only a few weeks into 2019 but my god has this year been incredibly disappointing. First we have the Steelers shitting the bed and missing the playoffs, then AB turns into a singing hippo, then Andrew Fillipponi starts picking games correctly, now we have this bullshit.

All of the hate meteorologists had been getting this week is now 100% justified. Tony from Carrick is now a genius while poor Janet from Sewickley has been deemed a fool.

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