My First Blog: AB C Ya Later

Now that I am done fucking around with setting this website, I think it is time that I start delivering some of my iron city takes. So when I started looking over all the topics to choose from, I decided to go with what is hot in the streets (McKnight road to be specific) and talk about this jagoff….

Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Look, I understand that everyone is getting sick and fucking tired of talking about AB. One year ago, we were all raving about his performance on one leg against the Jaguars in that horrible playoff loss. Now, everyone wants him out of town…. Including himself.

Before this season the guy has been pretty easy to like. He comes from a very humble beginning, getting drafted in the fifth round, to a team that was STACKED at his position group during his rookie season. Yet, he found a way to make plays.

Remember that? Watching our big dumb quarterback just throw the ball down field on 3rd and 17 with the season on the line, while the whole city was thinking “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING” just to see some tiny guy wearing number 84 come up with the biggest play of the year.

While AB might have made a ton of big catches in his time as a Steeler, to me that one is the most special. Why? Because it helped us reach the Super Bowl. Something that cannot be linked to just about anything else that he has done so far in his career.

I am not trying to shit on AB’s overall career numbers. They are incredible. And I am not going to act like he is the sole reason that the Steelers haven’t been to a Super Bowl since 2011. Prior to their week 17 match up against the Bengals, AB always showed up during big games. Yet, it is looking like this team will be better off without him.

I am a firm believer that there are two sides to every story. If AB was smart (which I don’t think he is), he would get his side out in the open ASAP. I am confident there is more to his entire situation than what we are hearing.

If I had a guess as to what started all this AB drama, I would say it has something to do with the dynamic with him and Ben. Despite another year of solid numbers those two were clearly not on the same page this season. It showed in both of their body language after an interception was thrown 84’s way.

There is probably no other Steeler in franchise history that has had the power that Ben currently has now. Whatever he wants, he gets. In a quarterback driven league, I guess that is how shit goes. The only problem is, old man Benny is never wrong; at least in his mind.

Unlike AB, Ben has many solid relationships with the media thanks to his long career here and his radio show. If there is ever a problem that his name is attached to, he has the opportunity to misdirect the blame. That probably doesn’t sit well with many people, especially the guy who just purchased a $20,000 goat ring and loves himself more than Juju loves Fortnite.

Essentially what I am trying to say here is that Ben controlled the narrative. AB was a major pain in the ass this season, but rather than being a leader and extending a helping hand, the old cowboy decided to be petty and throw fuel onto AB’s fire.

Does it excuse all of the bullshit that he has been connected with this season? Absolutely not. Does it explain his frustration with the franchise? Yes, it does.

My guess is that AB wants to remain a Steeler. He just doesn’t want to play with Ben. Even if they can co-exist, their relationship has become too toxic to tamper with. One has to go and it isn’t going to be Ben. 2 Super Bowl rings > one goat ring.

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